About Soul Light Enhancement 

Soul Light Enhancement is a Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus’s Initiative.
It’s Pursuit Is Service to Humanity Through Spirituality.
It’s a step forward from being religious to being SPIRITUAL.
Since “Every question has an answer.” The Answer is Achieved through Focal Point Awareness, usually addressed / knows as Meditation.
All that is needed is to connect to the world of silence within.

Mission :

Its mission is to assist mankind to lead a HOLISTIC Life, through various techniques bestowed to Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus during his life journey.

Life involves not only Soul but also Mind and Body. So a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa. Since every issue that a life faces is a result of either emotions or a mind-set. They both in return affect the physical body. Healthy emotions / mind-set drive the body, Unhealthy emotions/ mind-set prevent the body to function properly.

We at Soul Light Enhancement India assist you to understand your mind-set, your emotions, etc. Help you bring a positive change in your life, your wellbeing, and there by your response to your surroundings.

We accomplish the above through many path breaking techniques of focal point awareness (meditations) downloaded to Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus during his meditative State.

About Us

Welcome to the world of spiritual healing. Our goal is to firstly help people come out of their problems by making them understand their own blockages. Secondly to shift them at a mental level for their growth which will further empower them to heal themselves and others who are in need of healing.


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