I suggest you all to get the following card decks if possible. 1) Angel messages.
2) Angel guidance.
3) Angel therapy.
4) Healing with the Angels.
5) Arch Angel oracle cards.
Any more you have please bring them. Also bring with you your recording equipments. It will be a 2 day workshop.

Content: As follows

1) getting connected to your gaurdian angels
2) what your angels want you to know
3) abundance spread
4) manifestation spread
5) love relationship harmony spread or soul mate spread
6) life purpose spread
7) resolution to an issue

8) me and my universe
9) nine years life cycle cards spread
10) understanding your presence
11) health card spread
12) business partnership guidance spread
13) property guidance spread
14) spiritual guidance spread

Understanding about 16 archangels and spreads throughout the workshop.

1) Meditation mostly on activation of all higher energies and give them permission to intervene in our lives and to also activate our Clair senses.
2) Meditation and Invocation of higher energies to do forgiveness healing.
3) Meditation and request to do inner child healing with respect to our issues in life (call that inner child which requires the healing on priority basis to make your life best, prosperous and filled with abundance that is best according to you).
4) Releasing blockages of all those things which you would not like about yourself and others doing to you by doing meditation (eg. If you have guilt or anger towards yourself or others request to clean and heal it.
5) Angel Meditation to do healing at the cellular level by releasing and bursting unresonating energies from the crown to the tip of the toes and then do the DNA cleansing and activation.
6) Clearing of blockages at every level for your manifestation to happen and then visualize the higher energies bringing down your manifestation from the light for you.

Invocation of higher energies according to the card spread and requesting the angels to do the healing and by being the observer of healing being done at every spread. Mostly from the 2nd day card spreads will be more. If possible get all card decks you all have.

Facilitator: Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus



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