Clair psychic enhancement

To know the unknown we have to go beyond our limited perception. This workshop exactly teaches us that, and is also based on rejuvenating our inner potentials of all types of Clair senses.


1) It will give us an understanding of our energy bodies and its circuits. (Aura bodies around us and their function).

2) The workshop will teach us various methods to enhance our AURIC strength,

3) Activation of Psychic abilities of each chakra through breathing and diverting energies with proper conscious awareness (not the ordinary theta method that we do),

4) Strengthening of first 4 auric body layers.

5) Aura reading,

6) Shielding techniques,

7) Sensing the colors and their strengths,

8) Telepathy and charging and neutralizing any objects from infinitely far distances,

9) Strengthening our visualizing capabilities.

10) Cosmic color meditation, which helps us to heal ourselves easily and effortlessly.

11) Meditation to increase our sixth sense strength.

12) Manifestation through our sixth sense.

13) Temple Of LIGHT Meditation.

14) How to reveal to our self the true nature of an unknown person.

15) How to heal ourselves and vital organs.

16) How to find out hidden secrets and answers of things unknown to us. And many other additions.

Facilitator: Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus

+91 9969438693 / +919930533463

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Welcome to the world of spiritual healing. Our goal is to firstly help people come out of their problems by making them understand their own blockages. Secondly to shift them at a mental level for their growth which will further empower them to heal themselves and others who are in need of healing.


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