An intense color energy healing workshop, which offers an understanding of the healing properties of colors and how to utilize them effectively, along with sharing of many energy healing secrets which are never told to masses.
These color energies can be used for various purposes like healing ailments, bringing in peace at places, reuniting relationships and for many other creative causes like resolving financial issues. Mostly we use this profound technique for providing instant relief to a person who is in a lot of pain, to heal fractures faster than the normal speed of recovery, to dilute stones, cyst, polyps, and unwanted growths and also to heal cuts and wounds faster.

These colors can also be used for shielding purposes. Color shielding is a very interesting topic because it offers us a wide variety of shields along with differences in their strengths. This workshop shows us how to generate and use colors for the purpose of activating, repairing and rejuvenation of chakras, cells, nerves, and vital organs of the body.

In other words the color energy dynamic healing can be used very successfully in any sort of aliments and creative purposes. It is highly effective because it is in resonance with the creation, since the creation itself is based on different amalgamation of colors at every level of its existence from the very beginning to infinity. SOME OF THE IMPORTANT


Which colors are used for healing?
How to generate colors from ourselves and from our universe?
How to use them for healing vital organs, rejuvenation, fractures, to dilute cyst, stones, polyps unwanted growths in the body, how to avoid bypass surgeries, gallbladder removal, knee, hormonal disorders etc.?
How and where will they affect?
How can we use colors for shielding?
How to use colors for relationship?
How to use colors for people in depression?

The 2 most important aspect of the workshop are that (along with the healing of many common diseases) you will be taught many secret procedures due to which the therapies have instant and magnified healing effects and the other one is we will learn how to tackle all those diseases which are caused due to trauma or tension and cannot be cured, but only be suppressed by conventional methods e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, depression, diabetes, skin ailments etc. Then if the group is interested we can learn psychic surgery on another day with an additional

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Welcome to the world of spiritual healing. Our goal is to firstly help people come out of their problems by making them understand their own blockages. Secondly to shift them at a mental level for their growth which will further empower them to heal themselves and others who are in need of healing.


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