Do you wish to have a healthy body and live a disease free life???

Are you or your loved ones facing challenges with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems, skin issues, digestive disorders, bone disorders, blood disorders, kidney diseases, depression, problems of the eyes, throat, cancers etc.? If your answer is yes, then please read further.


A unique in-depth workshop to spread the knowledge and information regarding how we can make use of very common food ingredient that are already available at home. Thus, helping us stay away from unwanted drugs. For example if we are having osteoporosis we need not start taking the calcium tablets right way, instead there is a cure in our refrigerator which we throw away everyday and that is whey water (water that releases from the curd that we prepare daily, we can prepare this too by adding few drops of lemon in a cup of milk if we do not have access to the curd on daily basis). So like this we have many many powerful remedies for ailments, diseases and Vital organ therapies like:

  • Brain Therapy,
  • Eye Therapy,
  • Heart Therapy,
  • Lungs Therapy,
  • Liver Therapy,
  • Gall bladder Therapy,
  • Stomach Therapy,
  • Pancreas Therapy,
  • Intestines Therapy,
  • Kidney Therapy,
  • Bone Therapy,
  • Blood Therapy,

which can help us easily and effortlessly and most of them are affordable and the ingredients are easily available .


To help you and your loved ones heal naturally and remain away from hard core medicines, as far as possible.
To save ourselves from the side effects of the drugs that we purchase and pop it down our throat without understanding how harmful they are in the longer run.
Provides lot of information on required lifestyle changes, which are surely easy to follow too. The workshop will cover diseases like cancers, malaria, dengue, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, how to bypass the bypass surgeries heart problems, skin issues, digestive disorders, bone disorders, blood disorders, kidney diseases, depression, problems of the eyes, throat etc. Also, short yet very effective 2 minutes meditation for different issues and to strengthen our body, mind and soul. So that's the summary,, surely till date every one has benefited from this workshop you all will also do the same.
Plus the workshop will also share the knowledge as to when a hospitalization is really required or not, SOS signals, how you can identify heart attacks and strokes and what to do about it to keep the person safe.
Many times people don't know whether its just indigestion or really a heart trouble, these vital pointers will also be discussed in depth which keep you safe from unnecessary hospitalization and expenditures.
At the same time I am surely not against any sort of medications because the medical community is really doing all it can do to provide life saving drugs and support to humanity in many different ways. Yet simultaneously there are sure shot cures(using natural grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs) which can help a person recover very fast, along with proper medication, (both are complementary to each other) which result in giving minimum amount of drugs and lesser side effects of the drugs we take.
Above all of this it is always observed that one medicine taken creates a space for another medicine to be taken and many a times the medicine story keeps on stretching our health apart giving temporary relief.
I suggest to all you dear ones to attend this two day workshop and utilize the information you get from it.

Facilitator: Sri Dhyanrajguru Cyrus

+91 9969438693 / +919930533463