This is a Pranadhyan Yogkriya Meditation (union of meditation and breath) workshop consisting of 3 levels.

These 3 Level workshop comprises of:
Level 1 :  Learning the basic technique of SUKSHMA Nadi activation and enhancing the strength of your regular meditations.
Level 2 : Learn to further enhance the frequency of Vital Organs, Endocrine Systems, etc. and enhance the frequency of your overall meditations.
Level 3 :Learn to boost the strength of Inter electrical coordination with respect to different functions of the brain and above all strengthen your connection with each and every planet and stars in the universe and higher frequency elements of the creation that gradually brings you to ONENESS.


The idea of splitting it in 3 levels is for people to master the art of living in most appropriate manner through the means of meditation.
By the end of the third level, when you have completely mastered the art of this meditation and if the practitioner of this art is sincere and dedicated, it is inevitable for the practitioner to be healthy, wealthy, prosperous, that too along with peace and surrender within himself.



Provides grounding and strengthens the spinal chord, helps in increasing the quality of blood in the body, diseases like Alzheimer's, parkinsonism, dementia, start to reverse, rectification of every individual vital organ of the body gets energized and heal itself if required, above all DNA activation becomes inevitable giving the practitioner a much healthy body and mind.


Gradually shifts the mind from scarcity consciousness to abundance consciousness of the LIGHT and keeps us connected to it.


There will be many siddhis coming to you as you are practicing the meditations. You do not have to utilize them or even discuss about, whatever is gifted to you by the universe. They are given to you for a purpose that you will know as life resolves your life, by its own process. Thus will help you to follow many spiritual practices like observing self in Silence, till practicing nothingness rules your life to surrender.

The First level, contents follows:

1. Understanding, activating and balancing of meridains and chakras.

2. Different ways to activate, align and balance the chakras and meridians.

3. Grounding in 3 different ways.

4. Integration of our energies at the 3rd eye and at the Naval chakras.

5. Understanding what it is to be in the Vortex.

6. Brief understanding of the different things we are born with.

7. Preparation for the meditation LEVEL 1 and it's practise till you reach the 2nd level.

8. Understating what is forgiveness along with 2 different techniques.

9. How to help others heal without permission, why and its benefits (without getting a karmic feedback).

10. Reflection of the HIGHER SELF and when does it happen.

11. Meditation to remove unresonating energies from any relationship.

12. Meditation to resolve relationships.

13. Activating our solar plexus for the purpose to healing ourselves.

14. Cleansing and activating our CHORD of LIGHT.

15. Understanding the fundas of GRATITUDE.

16. The fundamentals of TATHASTU.

17. How to shift the TATHASTU to all that we desire consciously.

18. The GRATITUDE prayers to the EARTH and to THE LIGHT for our development without interference.

19. Activating the higher energies for our safety and fast advancement towards crystallizing our DNA.


I Cost  Rs 6,000
II Cost  Rs 6,000
III Cost  Rs 6,000

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