Spiritual understandings of money revealed more and more. This time on the first day we will only be learning about how is spirituality connected to money and vice versa. What is money in its actual essence?

The INSTITUTE OF SOUL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT INDIA welcomes you to a must do, 2 day workshop which will help all participants to know. (New information added)

1) More than 20 cures to attract more money in your existence.

2) Gives all a fair idea as to what are their mental blockages of money.

3) What are the physical blockages for money (Tips on this point will be given to every individual person depending upon their birth date).

4) How to attract money using different natural resources.

5) 1 Meditation on releasing blockages of money and replacing them with new empowered beliefs which will help to attract more financial freedom and money in our life.

6) 1 Self empowerment meditation to attract positive free flowing constant abundance in our life.

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Welcome to the world of spiritual healing. Our goal is to firstly help people come out of their problems by making them understand their own blockages. Secondly to shift them at a mental level for their growth which will further empower them to heal themselves and others who are in need of healing.


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