How wonderful it would be if we could get all we desired easily and effortlessly!!! Ideally that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be…. It’s the way of the Universe…. Yet due to unknown reasons we block deserving goodness to come our way… 

It therefore makes it highly important to know how one blocks them from receiving all that they deserve disallowing the universe to provide abundantly. It’s vital to untangle and resolve this situation and ensure smooth functioning across all lifetimes towards infinite manifestation. ACROSS ALL LIFETIMES…..

Now you can manifest all that you want that too easily and effortlessly

Love money relationships good health wealth prosperity spirituality!!!


SOUL LIGHT ENHANCEMENT with MANIFESTATION is a very powerful two day workshop in which all the participants are taught the deepest secrets of manifestation. This workshop reveals the fundamentals and deeper understanding of how manifestation works… A reminder of a few basics that we have long forgotten due to our impatience and lack of wisdom over the years... The need for instant gratification without realizing its implications! 
We will be disclosing the loopholes, discussing why some of the existing manifestation techniques are not so successful and how to resolve those issues effectively. 
This workshop covers more than 21 profound but short, easy and effective techniques. A person may choose to use any one or two of these techniques to accomplish their goals. Multiple techniques can prove to be more effective than just one. 
Above all, a special type of meditation will be taught, which can be utilized for any co-creative work in our lives. We believe this is a GOD’s gift to mankind…



In the first half of the workshop we will be bringing into light the hidden fundamentals as well as the loopholes of manifestation and how to seal them. The second half of the workshop we will be learning more than 21 techniques of manifestation. (Everybody will be given practical hands on experience of most of the techniques so that it is easy to do at home whenever required).

We conclude with a very profound empowering meditation which will slowly over a period of time, remove the dark coverings called un-resonating beliefs participants’ existences. If heard and practiced daily, it will not only enhance health but can also provide enlightenment regarding the secrets of the hidden realms of Creation. This wisdom in turn can be utilized for any co-creative purposes like Manifestation, Healing, Creating Love, Peace and Harmony in your universe.


Rs.12000/- for 2 day workshop

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Welcome to the world of spiritual healing. Our goal is to firstly help people come out of their problems by making them understand their own blockages. Secondly to shift them at a mental level for their growth which will further empower them to heal themselves and others who are in need of healing.


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