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Timing Session
09.00 - 09.30 Registration & Breakfast
09.30 – 11.00 Workshop Session
11.00 – 11.15 Tea Break
11.15 – 01.00 Workshop Session
01.00 – 01.45 Lunch
01.45 – 04.00 Workshop Session
04.00 – 04.15 Tea Break
04.15 – 06.00 Workshop Session
Timing Session
09.00 - 09.30 Breakfast
09.30 – 11.00 Workshop Session
11.00 – 11.15 Tea Break
11.15 – 01.00 Workshop Session
01.00 – 01.45 Lunch
01.45 – 04.00 Workshop Session
04.00 – 04.15 Tea Break
04.15 – 06.00 Workshop Session
Timing Session
09.00 - 09.30 Breakfast
09.30 – 11.00 Workshop Session
11.00 – 11.15 Tea Break
11.15 – 01.00 Workshop Session
01.00 – 01.45 Lunch
01.45 – 04.00 Workshop Session
04.00 – 04.15 Tea Break
04.15 – 06.00 Workshop Session
Workshop Testimonals

Hi I am Delber Mirza , my first experience in the workshop of soul light enhancement healing was so amazing and I couldn't belive we as humans have so much of strength that we can change normal tap water to taste like coconut water. This happened in a meditation during the workshop in which we all were just given a small example of what this healing modality can do.
It has the enormous capacity to transmute energies to Love and Light instantaneously.
I now use this modality of meditation and healing for reversing health issues and other issues for my clients.

Delber Mirza

Workshop Testimonals

I had got stuck in my life with regards to my career, relationships, finances and also was going through many health issues constantly. Just by attending the workshop I was able to shift my understanding to my benifit in every way, which lead me to be very successful in everything I do now. As far as health issues were concerned I have actully forgotten what is illness and I feel as if I am atleast 10 years younger than what I was before the workshop.

Deepak Bakhai

Workshop Testimonals

I was amazed at the knowledge that Cyrus has and they way he thinks and connect to the LIGHT. When I was told to do the meditation I thought I will never be able to do it. Surprisingly on the first day itself I was able to connect with the LIGHT. The way he takes us into trance itself heals lot of issues in the body, being and absolute new commer to this field i never thought i will be able to do all of that for myself.
In short I can say that after attending the soul light enhancement workshop you are a different and extremely self empowered person to change any challenges a person may face.


Workshop Testimonals

It was only after attending this workshop , I had the strength to change the very situation itself from which a person can be suffering. Healing the disease itself can be so micromatic, I couldn't belive till I started seeing the results with people whom I just touched. I actually feel that I have invoked the GOD in me which does healing through me so easily and instantaneously.
Cyrus teaches us to be GOD so effortlessly. By the end of the workshop my life was changed for the best . Thank you Cyrus.



Workshop Testimonals

After attending the workshop the greatest enjoyment I get is when I can scan and heal any ailment in any body and even in animals. My journey of life has definitely got enhanced and I can now find out easily wether I am on track with my soul purpose or not, what is the way of life and its agenda. I got rid off so many fears and misconceptions, jinx, oaths, wows, curses in the workshop itself. It's like getting introduced to your own strengths of healing, manifesting and co-creating the kind of life we would desire for ourselves.

Sheila.R. Dhanwani

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Workshop Speaker - Cyrus Bhaya


  • About the facilitator and how did he find soul light enhancement?

    Inwardly, Cyrus Bhaya always has an urge to know different healing techniques and wanted to find a way in which we are constantly in a healing process, so that we don’t have to do any ritual and some sort of technique every moment. So once when he was in a distant healing process, and as he had put up this query to the light consciously, he was shaken up completely by a jerk at the heart chakra; and he had no clue to what was happening. So he asked what was that to the light, which replied, he was shown what he had asked for. Then he understood that his particular moment of bliss and joy was that in which we all are supposed to stay constantly, because this is the very chemistry and biology of the soul, which has been unknowingly suppressed by mankind. So then he asked the light, how to connect to that feeling of bliss and remain in it? Then a process was revealed to him slowly and gradually in a manner that he could understand. After understanding the pathway he got what he knew was missing

What is soul light enhancement healing?

This healing is a way of life, a pathway which if walked, releases the unwanted energetic coverings of our own soul light, which we have accumulated over life times knowingly or unknowingly. These unwanted energies around our soul cover up its light force and its beneficial effects, which slower our growth towards the light. Practicing this meditation/healing helps our self and our client’s soul to shine out once again; in return also enhancing our life in the best way good for us.

How is the soul light enhancement healing different from other healings techniques?

First and foremost soul light enhancement is not a technique; it is a way of life that has to be walked on. It helps to open up our own channels and that of the clients, to move towards the light and understand our soul callings; at the same time healing ourselves and the client, providing wisdom as to what is the cause of the disturbance in our life and how to handle it. It facilitates instant healing at the physical, emotional and etheric level of our existence. The healing starts by connecting to the supreme creator of all that is and through him to the soul of the client. The main ingredients required to practice this is unconditional love and to know how to walk on this pathway which will be taught in detail, which will change our lives forever for good.


It is the supreme creator doing everything, from understanding the issue to tackling it in a proper way and healing it in a appropriate manner.

So neither the client nor the practitioner falls in a karmic trap, emotional or any sort of worldly trap.

As we practice this daily, at a deeper level we start realizing all those beliefs and patterns which are doing no good to us. It is as if we are able to peel away many unwanted coverings from our soul and come closer to the understanding of the inner realms of the LIGHT.

We happen to shed away fears and phobias of any kind because of getting in touch with our inner strength.

We get to understand what energy is, what thought forms are, and can start our life which is based on discernment and choices; made out of understanding and love instead of discrimination, fear or comparison. This in a way makes us progress towards the LIGHT with willfulness and proper understanding.

The more clients we attend or the more meditation we do, the faster is our own progress; at the physical level this strengthens our immune systems, in turn providing a good health.


There is no limit to where and what all soul light enhancement can heal.

It can create miracle healings in people’s life.

It brings in a balance in our mental, physical, emotional, causal and all our energy bodies of which we are aware and unaware of.

Soul light enhancement helps in strengthening our connection with our soul within, which is the spark of the supreme creator around us and is connected to it all the time. So it works at the micro and macro levels of our universe.

Now let us look into the thinking aspects which are very subtle and very important aspects of our existence, because it is this that creates the greatest defenses at a higher (macro) level:

What if you could understand the most appropriate ways of thinking?

What if you would start using this way of thinking and have a much better life, filled with love, peace and harmony, success, spirituality and happiness being the pathway of our life?

What if we could understand our belief systems, emotional charges and patterns that create our thought, which in turn create our destiny?

What if we can change our belief systems and thinking patterns which will help us manifest our desires with love and joy, that too instantly?

How nice would it be if the world looked at us with love, joy, love and harmony?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live in a space which operates from abundance of unconditional love, joy and bliss?

Through soul light enhancement healing we would know what beliefs to change for our benefit and how to get into the abundance of what we desire?

Most importantly, we can know how to communicate with our ascended masters, our divine and enlightened beings of light; and above all our ever loving supreme creator of all that is.

How nice would it be if we know from where all these beliefs come into us, which are driving our life; and how to resolve them effectively, which will be beneficial to us and our ongoing generations too?

Soul light enhancement healing takes care of all of these.

Now let’s look into some more physical and easily noticeable parts of our existence:

What if we could understand and release the curses oaths and vows due to which many important aspects of our life are not happening. For example marriages, selling of property, having a constant free flow of abundance, enjoying constant good health and relationship with all around us; to remain happily away from legal fights and unloving environments.

How nice would it be if we could manage keeping unwanted parasites, insects and animals away from us in a loving manner instead of killing them out of fear or desperation?

How important and helpful it would be to understand how dark forces work, do they really exist and in what form, and how to tackle these energies?

Is it not worthwhile to transmute into unconditional love and light all that doesn’t suit us, instead of keeping on fighting, cribbing and asking for protection all lifelong (radiation, un-resonating thought forms and energies)?

What a wonderful world would it be if we were to be completely self guided by our soul (Light or Go ?

All of this is taken care of by soul light enhancement.

Now let’s look into the more gross issues of life, i.e healing the diseases of the body:

The whole objective of healing is to transmute unwanted situation in our life into our favor or into unconditional love and light.This can be done easily.

Soul light enhancement will share the knowledge of scanning a body and to find out the reasons of the ailment, then to tackle all the physical problems. For example, disorders of the brain, blood, skeleton system, problems related to the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, muscular system, excretory system and reproductive system; diseases of all the vital organs of the body (kidneys, livers, intestines, lungs, heart, spleen, gall bladder, pancreases, et . Soul light enhancement healing treats viral, fungal, bacterial and all types of parasites and their infections. It is also very effective in bringing back the balance of metals and minerals in the body, which brings back good health.

Soul light enhancement works very well with the whole endocrine system and the glands connected to it. It is very effective for bringing back the chemical balances in the brain.

Soul light enhancement is very good for DNA activation,which results in a much better lifestyle and helps in manifesting desired situations. In other words we are empowered once again to create anything we want with love. Soul light enhancement helps in resolving any situation we would like to resolve, including getting peace around us.

All this can be done simply by understanding the subtle laws of the supreme creator and work with him in harmony, which is as natural as breathing.

In short (if you desire to have it that way only then) Soul light enhancement healing has the complete capacity to heal any condition and situation, when used with appropriate intellect and understanding.

Over and above it also has ways and means to keep us far away from situations which do no good to us, at the same time allows us to take all our experiences with love, joy and safety, exhilarating us towards spirituality. The whole aim of Soul light enhancement is to attain heal self, others and attain spirituality with its by products which we call good health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace, joy, happiness, harmony and success.

Soul light enhancement shares all this us.


We have seen instant miraculous healings happening most of the time. Everything further depends on how well we are tackling the disturbances at all levels.

When it comes to healing situations of different sorts, we have seen instant transformations happening most of the times.

In all the cases, whether physical or situational, transformation starts happening at a very deep level (may go un-noticed at that point of time, and come to the notice later on) that too instantly, because the supreme creator is at work for us and most importantly we should be ready for it.


We will be learning about the thinking processes and how to rectify it; what are the differences that we have to incorporate in the daily life.

We will learn how to connect with the supreme creator of all that is.

We will be sufficiently filled with the knowledge of our energy bodies and its chakra systems nadi systems glands and vital organs.

We learn how to scan the physical and energy body.

We will learn how to visualize an event.
We will learn how to activate our senses and psychic senses at a higher vibration.
We will learn how to command to the supreme creator to work for us and our universe.
We will learn how to how to get into connection with the ascended master and the divine and enlightened beings of light.
How to co-create miraculous annd instantaneous healings and situations.
How to activate our own DNAs for a better life.
We learn how to take guidance from the supreme creator for our daily work; how to work with him and his thought process.

After understanding the pathway to the LIGHT we get to know what is missing in the following ways

A very deep rooted healing starts occurring from day one, that too very safely.

We are lovingly shown our mistakes and their cures.

We are given the strength to face all our karmic decisions, in a manner where we will constantly remain happy and unshaken from within. So for example, if there are some karmic repercussions a person is going through, he can heal them instantly by soul light enhancement. However, till the intellect awakens of the person for that particular issue, he has the strength to face it peacefully. So now the person is empowered to resolve the issues, just by remaining in the light for a while daily.

This is also a very strong,


You will learn, understand and practice in this course: What is energy and the flow of energy. What is healing and how it works (exercises- healing of plants, aura scanning of self and clients.) How to work with diseases like cancers. Secrets of Forgiveness Meditation and why is it important to do it before healing their energy connections. Advanced concepts of major and minor chakras along with their glands and vital organs. Visualizing and Scanning and finding out the causes of diseases of the body (or an object). Understanding belief Systems how they impact our life's

How to change the beliefs to our advantage.

Healing them at all levels (frontal lobe present memories, genetic pineal gland, soul level and past life level). HEALING CONCEPTS: Connecting to the light Commanding in the light Connecting to the client’s soul Connecting to Light Beings – angels, ascended masters and higher energies, and working with them Connecting to the masters, angels and higher energies of the LIGHT. Clearing energetic hooks Clearing powerful thought forms, energy attacks Soul Light Enhancement by cleaning the coverings of the soul Releasing curses, oaths and vows. Clearing of radiations, energetic thought forms there release and transmutations into light. Rejuvenation of the Soul Light by bringing back the complete soul energies within us. Defragmentation process. Group healing Individual healing Organ transplant with the Light and Light beings. Energy healing on phone Activating your Immune Defense System Energizing medicines and cutting away the side effects of it. Remaining connected in the Light after healing Living a life of a healer through constant blessings. Intentional healings Unintentional Healings Transmuting or Releasing Pain into Unconditional Love. Soul and Full Body Cleansing by connecting the soul of the client to the Light through visualization

Soul-Light-Enhancement! Workshop

Come one, come all, share this pathway by healing ourselves and our universe,
By understanding the depth of many concepts which are at the inner most realm of our universe.

Connecting to the light

Commanding in the light

Connecting to the client’s soul

Using Energy and diverting energy

Connecting to Light Beings – angels, ascended masters and higher energies, and working with them

Connecting to the masters, angels and higher energies of the client.

Clearing energy hooks

Clearing powerful thought forms- psychic attacks

Soul Light Enhancement by cleaning the coverings of the soul

Releasing curses, vows and oaths

Clearing unwanted infections and radiations, and release or transmutation into light

Empowering and strengthening the back, heart and lungs

Group healing

Individual healing

Organ transplant with the Light and Light beings

DNA activation (how, why and caution tips)

Aura cleansing

Energy healing on phone

Chord cleansing with Light

Activating your Immune Defense System

( Touching the topic in brief ) Understanding emotional causes for aches and pains, anywhere in the body

Energizing medicines and cutting away the side effects of it

Remaining connected in the Light after healing

Living a life of a healer through constant blessings.

Transmuting or Releasing Pain into Unconditional Love

Advance Cleansing Techniques after healing

Soul and Full Body Cleansing by connecting the soul of the client to the Light through visualization

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