To Attain Prosperity and Spirituality it's necessary to have Good Health and a Healthy Surroundings.

Swasth Bharat Dhoop

is prepared with Natural Herbs which have the Power to keep our Atmosphere Clean, thus keeping away insects like Mosquitoes and Many Types of Diseases like Dengue Malaria and Insects which are Unfavorable and Harmful to Human Habitat. You can use it in Dhoop Cups or Cow Dung Disks.

Way to use it

Burn the borders of the Dhoop Cup or burn a peice of Cow dung disk of approximately a 3 inches diameter and put Half Teaspoon ( about 3 to 5 grams ) of the SWASTH BHARAT DHOOP on it , now put it carefully in a place from where the smoke happens to spread out easily in your house. Do this twice a day.