Hi I am Delber Mirza , my first experience in the workshop of soul light enhancement healing was so amazing and I couldn't belive we as humans have so much of strength that we can change normal tap water to taste like coconut water. This happened in a meditation during the workshop in which we all were just given a small example of what this healing modality can do.
It has the enormous capacity to transmute energies to Love and Light instantaneously.
I now use this modality of meditation and healing for reversing health issues and other issues for my clients.
- Delber Mirza

I had got stuck in my life with regards to my career, relationships, finances and also was going through many health issues constantly. Just by attending the workshop I was able to shift my understanding to my benifit in every way, which lead me to be very successful in everything I do now. As far as health issues were concerned I have actully forgotten what is illness and I feel as if I am atleast 10 years younger than what I was before the workshop.
- Deepak Bakhai.

I was amazed at the knowledge that Cyrus has and they way he thinks and connect to the LIGHT.
When I was told to do the meditation I thought I will never be able to do it. Surprisingly on the first day itself I was able to connect with the LIGHT. The way he takes us into trance itself heals lot of issues in the body, being and absolute new commer to this field i never thought i will be able to do all of that for myself. My attending this workshop was because I had given up on life. As we started understanding the fundamentals of life and LIGHT, slowly Cyrus lead the group to shift our thinking from so many different wrong notions that we carry with us. His teachings on beliefs and how they work, the way healing happens, and how we can change our life's instantaneously. Above all with the help of this modality I am being able to heal myself and others too which gives me immense amount of happiness joy and I am now in Gratitude towards the LIGHT
and its messengers like Cyrus.
In short I can say that after attending the soul light enhancement workshop you are a diffrent and extremely self empowered person to change any challenges a person may face .
- Shailesh.H.Ajwani

Hi I am Manish.V.Choudry. Dubai
till I had done this workshop of soul light enhancement healing I never knew I had the strength to change the very situation itself from which a person can be suffering. Healing the disease itself can be so micromatic, I couldn't belive till I started seeing the results with people whom I just touched. I actully feel that I have invoked the GOD in me which does healing through me so easily and instantaneously.
After attending the workshop life has become miraculous for me. As days are passing by so many things start happening by just a thought in my mind. I feel as if I am served on a platter as gifts of all that I think. I am surprised that i dont have to meditate too, to get anything, its so simple. Life has changed 180° for me after attending the soul light enhancement healing workshop. For me it's like whatever I think gets co-create effortlessly. Most of us know that we are all GODs yet in actuall life most of us can't come to terms with it and therefore we cannot work like HIM. Cyrus teaches us to be GOD so effortlessly. By the end of the workshop my life was changed for the best . Thank you Cyrus.
- Manish.V.Choudry

After attending the workshop the greatest enjoyment I get is when I can scan and heal any ailment in any body and even in animals.
My journey of life has definitely got enhanced and I can now find out easily wether I am on track with my soul purpose or not, what is the way of life and its agenda. I got rid off so many fears and misconceptions, jinx, oaths, wows, curses in the workshop itself. It's like getting introduced to your own strengths of healing, manifesting and co-creating the kind of life we would desire for ourselves.
- Sheila.R. Dhanwani

The best part of soul light enhancement workshop is that we get to know what we are supposed to do, to come out of any situation.
We always hear people giving us advices as to love yourself, to let go off things, to practise surrender well who is teaching us how to do that ? we are told that we are the God's itself well nobody was be to actually prove it for me and teach me the game of life. All the big terms and philosophy are heard by me yet I hadn't come across a person who can teach me to follow them till I met Cyrus he has manged to clear many blockages within me in the workshop. Most of my queries were answered without even asking the questions to him. Most of us felt as if he was answering all our queries as if he was told from before.
I attended the workshop to learn the soul light healing modality. To my surprise I learned much more than just healing.He always says that healing is the very first step to be learnt to move ahead in life however big or small the ailment or however nasty the situation may be, because learning healing leads you to spirituality. Above all, everything else follows us when we are following the spiritual fundas of life, instead of us running around all those things we desire.
- Leena.V.Parmar

I am happy i attended the workshop because many concepts of energy healing and how the creator works through us so instantaneously, was discussed in details. The whole concept of a disease is understood and then how it can be removed from our life is taught to us in such a way that even a child can do the healing. Many other aspects of life were also touched in a manner that would heal and help in many ways to all those who attended the workshop. GOD BLESS YOU CYRUS
- Shanti ji

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